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Our Process

At Cedar Crest Cabinetry we are committed to providing an experience that separates us from the competition. Whether it’s the nostalgic aroma of your “grandfather’s wood-shop” or the total engagement of our design team, the experience we offer is truly unique.

Starting the process is easy. Before your visit, send us a note by clicking the Contact Us button to schedule a session with one of our designers. We will provide a free in-showroom design consultation to get the ball rolling on your project. Some cabinetry shops attempt to design “on-the-spot”, but we never hastily design in front of you. Rather, after gathering information about you, your space, and your specific ideas, we put time and care into drawing up your preliminary design set.

Depending on the season and ongoing project activity, the initial design may take as short as a few days or as long as several weeks. Our top priority is always to keep active projects moving as swiftly as possible.  

Our second but equally important concern is to never rush a design, making sure we are taking the time to inject creativity into every effort. We promise the wait will be worth it!

Once your preliminary design is complete, we review initial design and budgetary figures with you. This will give you a good feeling for your designer, our products, and your project. Should you decide to proceed, we take a non-refundable design deposit to begin the production-design phase. This is where details are refined and your project begins its path to fruition. 

When all is approved and ready for production (a typical timeline is 3-4 weeks from initial design completion to the start of production), we request a deposit to enter the production queue. The balance is paid prior to delivery (typically within eight weeks).

While we invest a tremendous amount of time and energy addressing every meticulous detail in the design and the cabinetry itself, your final product is only as good as the skill of your installer. We strongly recommend that you avail yourself of our installation services, as we have great confidence in their experience with our products, and their respect for your home.

If you are looking for a turnkey experience, we are equipped to handle your entire project. From flooring, counters, and tile, to electrical, plumbing and beyond, our team can work with our network of experienced contractors to deliver the experience you expect and deserve.

Contact us to bring your project vision to life!

Let's get started.


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