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Custom Cabinets Offer Unique Storage: Kitchen Inspiration

When designing your kitchen, think outside the box. Where form meets function, custom cabinets allow for near endless storage possibilities in any kitchen space. Not limited to stock cabinet spacing, installing custom cabinetry allows for every inch of the space to be fully utilized and tailored to your specific kitchen needs. Keep reading to see examples of how we were able to maximize storage options for our customers to serve as inspiration when designing your new dream kitchen.

Cut Corners with Ample Storage

Almost every kitchen has one—that pesky kitchen corner cabinet that, more times than not, lies empty or full of mismatched Tupperware. Custom cabinets allow for complete maximization of corner spaces so that the resulting storage is not only beautiful but also extremely useful. Whether it be unique drawers or swivel shelving, each piece of corner cabinetry is purposefully designed for the customer’s storage needs.

Special Spice Solutions

The days of fumbling around the inner depths of dark cabinetry in search of spices you’re “sure” you have are over. By installing custom cabinets in your dream kitchen, you can guarantee that every spice has its place. Whether your vision includes a pull-out drawer near kitchen cooktops or a vertical rack for minimalistic storage, having easy access to key ingredients is an essential part of any kitchen design.

Vertical and Concealed

Where the ceiling is the literal limit in most kitchen designs, custom cabinets allow for maximum utilization of the vertical space. Keep various pots and pans handy or create a one-of-a-kind pantry with custom drawers, all seamlessly tucked away behind stunning craftsmanship. Thinking vertically is an excellent way to utilize kitchen space and can be leveraged to create beautifully unique storage solutions like the options pictured below.

Details Make the Difference

With custom cabinetry, customers have access to a team of designers and craftsmen that are capable of tailoring any kitchen design to their specific needs. Taking the time to focus on the details, expert cabinetmakers like Cedar Crest Cabinetry work alongside customers to determine unique storage solutions, select custom finish options, and ensure that all custom pieces are not only beautiful but are also built to last.

For more information on our custom cabinetry process, and to learn how we can make your dream kitchen a reality with unique storage features like the spaces above, contact us today.

About Cedar Crest

With over 30 years of custom furniture and cabinetry experience, Cedar Crest Cabinetry has been working alongside customers to deliver breathtaking custom cabinetry that is specifically designed to their needs and preferences. Comprised of durable, naturally sourced materials, we take the time to stress the details to create custom pieces that not only stand the test of time, but also provide a unique kitchen experience for you and your family.

We are supported by a creative, talented, and energetic team of experts who excel at assisting customers in every phase of design, construction, and installation. Contact us today to learn how we can help bring your vision to life. Call (603) 606-6123 or visit to learn more.

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