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Top 4 Kitchen Design Trends in 2019

As we venture further into 2019, many kitchen design experts have weighed in on what they see as this year’s biggest trends. Ranging from features like open shelving to splashes of bold colors, we’ve put together a list of what we feel are the 4 trends worth watching this year to provide you with inspiration when designing your dream kitchen.

1.) Pendant Light fixtures

It’s important to keep form and function in mind when selecting the lighting for your kitchen. In addition to ensuring there is ample light for cooking and eating, design experts have identified pendant light fixtures as kitchen mainstays in 2019. Stunningly beautiful, pendant fixtures emphasize dining areas while also serving as statement pieces in the heart of your home like the ones featured in one of our kitchens below.

2.) Technology Infused

Another design trend that will likely carry beyond 2019 is that kitchens are being built around the latest technology. As new technology is introduced and grows popular, it’s become increasingly common to see technology play a larger role in kitchen design where smart appliances like refrigerators provide a modern face-lift to the conventional ice boxes of yesteryear. In the example below, we were able to seamlessly integrate custom cabinetry around a wine refrigerator to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing piece for our customer.

3.) Wood and White

A brilliant contrast between rustic and modern, design experts predict more kitchens will boast a combination of wood and white features in 2019. Where dazzling white cabinetry provides a visually clean and sharp appeal, wood accents bring warmth and familiarity into a space. See below for an example of how we incorporated this contrast into one of our designed kitchens for a farmhouse feel.

4.) Industrial Countertops

While granite remains the most popular when it comes to kitchen countertops, many will be opting for materials that provide a more industrial look and feel like natural stone, limestone, and marble. Even concrete countertops are becoming increasingly popular. On trend or not, it’s important to remember to select a countertop that makes the most sense for you and the space.

Whether you decide to incorporate the above trends into your design or choose to go in a different direction entirely, working with a custom cabinetry firm like Cedar Crest allows your kitchen dreams to become a reality. Contact us or visit our showroom for design inspiration and take the first steps towards creating your ideal space.

About Cedar Crest

With over 30 years of custom furniture and cabinetry experience, Cedar Crest Cabinetry has been working alongside customers to deliver breathtaking custom cabinetry that is specifically designed to their needs and preferences. Comprised of durable, naturally sourced materials, we take the time to stress the details to create custom pieces that not only stand the test of time, but also provide a unique kitchen experience for you and your family.

We are supported by a creative, talented, and energetic team of experts who excel at assisting customers in every phase of design, construction, and installation. Contact us today to learn how we can help bring your vision to life. Call (603) 606-6123 or visit to learn more.

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